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About the Coach

Joe Gibbs, former Head Coach of the Washington Redskins and 1996 Inductee into Pro Football Hall of Fame, currently owns Joe Gibbs Racing, which operates three NASCAR Sprint Cup Series teams and three NASCAR Nationwide Series teams. Coach won three Super Bowls (Super Bowl XVII, Super Bowl XXII, & Super Bowl XXVI) as head coach of the Redskins and has captured three NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Championships as owner of JGR (2000, 2002 & 2005).

About the Event

A breakfast for approximately 1,200 people is usually held on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning. The audience is generally men ages 25 and up, although women are certainly welcome to attend. Those under 25 are certainly welcome to attend as well, but we believe Coach’s message best speaks to a male audience that is 25 years of age or older. In addition, one of the most important aspects of his outreach breakfast is that we seek to have 80% non-believers to be in attendance.

Purpose of the Event

Coach Gibbs would like to share his testimony and lead people back to the Bible for their Game Plan for Life. Coach released his New York Times Best Seller, Game Plan for Life, in the summer of 2009 and as part of the corresponding ministry he now seeks to reach as many people as he can with its message. Coach assembled an amazing team of eleven experts to assist in writing Game Plan for Life. The book responds to the issues revealed by a national survey to be the most pressing in men’s lives. The results are a modern day Game Plan for a successful life based on God’s Word.

Strategy of the Event

We have found that relational ministry is the most effective way for Coach Gibbs to reach his intended audience. This has provided two key elements that we feel lead to having a powerful impact at this breakfast and beyond:

  1. Ensuring the audience is 80% non-believers with the other 20% being believers who invited the non-believers and are equipped to follow-up with them.
  2. Providing a system of follow-up with the guests that were invited.

How is this Strategy Implemented

We need a Leadership Committee of approximately 25 – 35 men from the community that feel inspired to assist in putting together this breakfast. These men typically consist of church leaders, ministry leaders, and Christian businessmen who share in Coach’s desire to reach non-believers. The Leadership Committee is responsible for the following:

  1. Recruit 100+ table hosts which is the KEY to the success of the event. Table Hosts need to be solid Christians that will not only commit to inviting eight non-believers, but will be willing to follow-up with each of them after the event. This follow-up is where the table host can help cultivate the seed that may have been planted by the Game Plan for Life event.
  2. Choose a venue and date for the event.
  3. Host a table of your own.

Cost of the Event

Game Plan for Life will provide a free book for each person in attendance, Coach Gibbs travel expenses to and from the event, and A/V needs (we like to use our own equipment and technician when possible).

We prefer to have the event at a nice hotel or convention center. Table Hosts are responsible for paying for the breakfast for each person at their table(s) and the cost, if any, to rent the space for the event.

Simple Invite

We seek to keep the program simple. The invitation should be to come hear Coach Gibbs speak about football, NASCAR & life; have a free breakfast and get a free copy of Coach’s book Game Plan for Life.

Timeline of the Event

Below is a typical timeline we have used for past breakfasts and while we are certainly open to suggestions and input we recommend something simple as to not discourage non-believers from attending and giving everyone the opportunity to still get to work at a reasonable time.

Typical Timeline:

6:30 AM – Doors Open/Breakfast Served

7:10 AM – Invocation

7:15 AM – Introduction of Video

7:16 AM – Introduction Video Plays

7:20 AM – Coach Gibbs Speaks (stop all service – no waiters, etc)

8:00 AM – Coach Gibbs Concludes (JGR chaplain gives instructions for filling out response cards

8:05 AM – Event Concludes and autographs begin

Game Plan for Life Contact Information

For more information about hosting a Game Plan for Life Breakfast contact:
Derrick Crawford
Director of Game Plan for Life

Event Schedule

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